KU A22

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KU XA22 (KR45)
Type Blaster rifle
Origin Kuroke Techsystems
Manufacturers Kuroke Techsystems
Unit Cost ???
Produced 2713 -
Variations Several prototype variations
Mass 7.060 kg
Length 102cm
Barrel Length 70cm
Blaster Modules 3
Max. Power Input 466.5 kW
Max. Power Output 669.8 kW
Bolt Mass 3 g
Rate of Fire 400 RPM
Effective Range 600 m
Bolt Velocity 2720 ms-1
Bolt Temperature 4000 °C
Approximate Efficiency 45.4%

The KU A22, designated the XA22 during prototyping and KR45 by the Terran Syndicate, is an battle blaster rifle developed by Kuroke Techsystems. The company is hoping to enter the rifle for the 2717 Terran Next-Generation Standard Issue Rifle competition, battle rifle division.


The rifle's primary is its triple-module blaster array, firing at a combined rate of 400 rounds per minute. Its secondary is a 1kg TNT yield quantum reaper, because of this, it is rather heavy.