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Timeline of galactic history in the +700 universe. All dates are expressed in the Gregorian calendar system to ease viewing.


c. 4,500,000,000 BCE[edit]

  • The Sol System is formed, along with Earth.
  • The Vilous System is formed, along with Tal.

c. 200,000 BCE[edit]

  • The various sentient races on Earth evolve to their modern state.

c. 10,000 BCE[edit]

Pre-22nd Century[edit]


  • April 12: Yuri Gagarin is the first Terran to enter space. Terran civilisation enters its space age.

c. 1980[edit]


  • Colonies are established on Earth's moon, Luna.


  • November 18: Terrans begin manned missions to a next door planet in the system, Mars.


  • January 19: Terrans begin to produce warp drive superluminal technology.



  • April: The first Terrans arrive in the neighboring star system, Proxima Centauri. The use of the warp drive transports the colonists to their destination in just under two years.


  • Orion Industries and Shipyards Ltd. is founded.

22nd Century[edit]


  • The Proxima Crisis
  • Proxima Centauri colonists attempt to secede from their Earth governments. The situation escalates into a long war.
  • Orion Ltd. rises up the ranks in corporate power by supplying military hardware to Earth loyalists.


  • Commander Wolfgun is critically injured during a battle. Rchetype steps in to save him through the use of cybernetics.


  • Terrans build the first tachyon accelerator communicator.


  • The Treaty of Proxima is signed. Terran colonisation may now be for purposes other than scientific advancement and exploration.


  • Terran civilisation develops the hyperdrive. The various nations of Earth begin pushing for extensive colonisation. The push for world colonisation strains the resources of the nations.


  • First Terran Revolution
  • April: Anesia, Yasmine enters a state of disorder due to increasing taxes and reduced public funding. The thinly-spread European Union is unable to control the situation. Other settlements soon follow suit.


  • February: Public common unrest reaches Earth.


24th Century[edit]




26th Century[edit]


  • First Orion War
  • The unequal distribution of wealth and power in the Terran Federation causes major controversy and unrest.
  • September: Faced with dropping popularity, the Terran government forms the Falk Police group in secret. They perform executions and raids on those who oppose the government. The group, however, is short lived.
  • December: A Falk Police soldier defects, and whistleblows the existence of such a group. Mass anger breaks out, and Terran government is plunged into chaos.


  • The Terran Federation fragments into multiple warring states, each with their own views on how the empire should be reformed.


  • May 2: Orion Ltd. is contracted by a democratic partly and secretly develops and produces the Fortitude gunship. They are immediately produced and given to top military pilots.
    • May 6: Wolfygun is drafted to participate in the Spearhead operation.



  • Orion Ltd. mysteriously vanishes. A few months later, a makeshift investigation group of curious individuals go to Orion headquarters on Eupheme. They find the planet barren and deserted.

27th Century[edit]

  • Vilous new age canon (estimation)



  • Terrans launch an expedition to the planet Tal.
    • Researchers stumble across a clan of Talyxians. The latter agree to help the former with the interest of stopping the ongoing war on Tal.


  • The Treaty of Tatola is signed, ending the aggressive and militaristic expansion of Tatla on Tal.
  • The Northern Guard organisation is formed, seeking to restore Tatla to be the dominant, ever-expanding power on the planet.


  • July 16: A nevrean is the first Talian to go to space.


  • March: First Contact Incident
    • The terran ambassador ship SRC Emirate arrives with terran ambassadors, landing near Korsran, Tal.
    • First contact is made with talian civilisation.
  • Rapid modernisation of Tal occurs into the future. Terran funds and resources are being diverted towards the uplifting of Talian civilisation.


  • The Vilous-Sol Trade Route is well-established.
  • More and more resources are being poured into the uplifting programme, specifically away from the Encada and Corona systems.



  • Second Orion War
  • June 30: The Sol Protectorate attacks the nearby Talian colony of Kumikk.
  • May 19: A Terran assault is executed to retake Kumikk, but fails, demonstrating the power of the Protectorate's blitzkreig drone fleet.
  • Siege of Ajroa
    • November 2: The Protectorate attacks a small mining colony on Ajroa, the moon of the planet Jiru orbiting Vilous. The colony is liberated quickly, however the initial success of the Protectate in taking a colony in the talian home system strikes a blow against morale.


  • March: The Sol Protectorate begins guerilla strikes and harassment against the population of Tal itself.
  • August: As the Sol Protectorate approach Tantamin, the weakness of the drone fleet slowly reveals itself, it becomes harder for the Protectorate to maintain its overextended campaign.
  • October 2: The Sol Protectorate attempt to take the system of Tantamin, but the attempt fails, with decisive victory given to Terran forces.
  • December: The Sol Protectorate is officially defeated in the Battle of Encada.


  • January 19: Members claiming to be from the Sol Protectorate hijack a civilian transport craft. The ordeal ends after a 4 hour negotiation, followed by a takeback by force. The incident forces the Terran Federation to place the Protectorate back on the watchlist as a terrorist organisation.


c. 2690[edit]





28th Century[edit]

c. 2700[edit]

  • Kavaeric is assigned under protection of Wolfgun.
  • The Vilous Nationalist Party assaults a human refuge centre on Earth, killing 10 humans and wounding another 4.
  • Due to concerns over security, the Terran government decide to employ a new strategy to safeguarding humans.


  • The Vilous Nationalist Party publishes its manifesto, saying it is an organisation aimed at supressing Terran aggression.



  • Present day.